Artist Statement

C.W. Carson is a multi media artist (photographer, painter, drawer, sculptor, installation artist). He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta, and received a M.F.A. in painting from the University of British Columbia.
Carson has exhibited mostly in the province of Alberta, taking part in exhibitions at  The Art Gallery of Alberta, Latitude 53, Snap Gallery, Harcourt House, The Prairie Art Gallery, Douglas Udell Gallery and The Glenbow Museum among others.

Image from “Stories from the Inner City”

Some of the prominent shows in his recent past include “I AM” exhibited at The Edmonton Art Gallery (composed of 144 diverse portraits of pop icons – heroes, villains and art historical references). The exhibition “I AM” spelled out the name C.W. Carson. In 2008 Carson’s solo exhibition “Stories from the Inner City” was featured at Latitude 53 in Edmonton.

In 2001 he completed a major commission for Syncrude Canada’s ‘Centre for Intelligent Mining Systems’ laboratory at The University of Alberta. Composed of seventeen digital mixed media pieces that explored all aspects of mining, the finished piece involved intensive research into the present realities of mining and the computerized future.
Carson uses a variety of materials in the art making process, the subject matter of his art work varies. Everything from to portraits to sculptures comes out of Carson’s studio.